PROJECT OVERVIEW: Designing a Website for TrueSpirit

The Brief

TrueSpirit is a new internet retailer for schools and parents who want a modern school uniform for K-­12 children. It will offer updated uniform fashion, provides a “must­haves” checklist, and recommends accessories allowed by the school’s dress code.

The goal was to design the website, focusing on the process of buying items of clothes.

The Role & Process

Solo UX designer: 

o   conducted a comparative analysis and user research

o  created the information architecture

o   created sketches and wireframes

o   built and tested a mid-fidelity prototype

Created as a 2 week student project.


The Challenges

o   Quickly gaining understanding of the business and user needs in an unfamiliar space

o   Making the website useful for people browsing and people shopping a specific school’s shopping list

o   Presenting all necessary product information in a clear and understandable layout.